Project People – Ask Yourself This. Why This Company?

What Am I Working Here?

When I worked for a global engineering company I had to gather my project team and give a presentation on ‘Why This Company?’ Basically why did people want to work there and would people want to go and work there?

I thought about it for a while. We were working in Iraq out of the UAE and it’s not the environment for some of the more ‘Western reasons’. Which tend to be rather intangible.



  • It’s an inspirational company
  • I will further my career
  • Looks great on the cv

and so on..

Good reasons but my guys were the more ‘down to earth’ types.

So I made some slides and gave the following reasons.

  1. You get paid
  2. You get paid on time as per your contract
  3. You get all the benefits stated in your contract
  4. The company does not discriminate in any way on race, religion, nationality, gender, age
  5. It has rules
  6. All management follow the rules
  7. You cannot be fired on a whim
  8. There are consequences for behaviour contrary to the company’s ethos
  9. There is grievance procedure for all
  10. The company is well funded

….I could go on but these were the main points, although it must be said that companies with the above attributes have a great commitment to HSSE.

Many of you may wonder why these were listed, but if you do? You haven’t worked for some of the companies my guys had been in. Many companies in the Philippines, India, Pakistan and the Middle East have none of the above reasons to work for them. Not one.

So if you’re sitting in a company go through those 10 points. If you can ring all those bells? Be happy. You know ‘why this company’.



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