Lynn Thorvillson

Lynn was invited to join the company as an Associate after she decided to return to the workplace.


Lynn put her career on hold when both her mother and father contracted Alzheimer’s. After her mother passed away and her father moved to a new home, supported by Lynn’s family, she decided to offer her services once again to the marketplace.


Lynn has an incredible talent for organisation and for KBR (insert division) she organised events worldwide (USA, Kuwait, Australia). Her organisational skills supported by a keen eye for detail meant that no aspect of any show was left to chance. The inevitable issues and glitches were handle with aplomb and each show was deemed by KBR and the US Army to be a success.

KBR (insert division) is a (insert short description of KBR)

Prior to event organisation Lynn was the Business Development Manager for KBR (insert division) in Bahrain. The BD Manager was de-facto the Country Manager until a corporate presence was established to support KBR’s projects.

Lynn was distinguished by winning the first contract in the Middle East for a non-military project.

She became an active member of the Bahrain American Chamber of Commerce (insert short sentence on achievements) where again her organisational skills and her ability to network was put to good use.


Before being deployed to Bahrain Lynn worked in Kuwait as a Business Development Manager. Her work took her to Baghdad, Qatar, UAE and in other countries in the Middle East.


Insert short one-liners to flesh out the profile.