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McAllister and Associates

If your projects need assistance or just a cold-eye review. Give us a call.


Why was the company formed?

McAllister and Associates match the needs of companies seeking assistance in their drive for Project Excellence with experienced, knowledgeable and qualified people who can help them achieve it.

An Associate can advise, mentor, coach, review or just ‘work’​ if required. It’s plug and play.

An Associate can be hired from one day to any number of days. Example: you want someone experienced to review a plan/ document/ contract/ ?. An Associate can give an unbiased, expert opinion based on many years of experience on that one aspect of your project. In one day.

An Associate can share their experience across different companies to throw a new light on how things can be done. Many clients have excellent resolutions to project problems but clients tend to be in silos and the dearth of cross-fertilisation has been an issue for many years

If your projects are perfectly funded, planned, mobilised, executed and make a profit – there’s no need to contact us. Otherwise…

What does the company offer?

A range of skill sets related to the Oil and Gas Sector. Some examples…

– Project Management
– Contract Management
– Construction Management

– Forensic Examination of Claims
– Planning
– Cost
– Risk

What makes this company different from an manpower agency?

Manpower Agent: Seeks to employ people on long-term contracts. The personnel on their books are not interested in a job that lasts for a week.

This Company: Seeks to employ people on shorter term contracts (from 1 week to 3 months typically)

The people who formed the company do not wish to be employed full time, but they do want to contribute. And be paid for it. They have many years of experience that can be utilised to bridge a skills gap or mentor, coach, teach or review, analyse, check, report on all aspects of a project.


Assistance On Project Excellence

If you would like to discuss what McAllister and Associates can provide in the way of assistance to your company or project please send us a message and we can open a dialogue